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Banking Holiday

This is our story. How a middle class couple, living in Hawaii, moved their savings, & investments to NZ & Australia, in anticipation of probable U.S. dollar devaluation. This book was written to help other concerned Americans living in the US, to do the same, before the banking holiday happens.

  • What is a banking holiday?
  • What is the history of banking holidays in the US?
  • What is the current administration is saying about them?
  • How to open a New Zealand savings, and/or investment account?
  • Can U.S. citizens legally take their IRA’s out of America without penalty or taxes?
  • Where is the best place to buy gold overseas?
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  • Do you have to fly overseas to get it done?

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This book tells Americans, in simple terms, how to safely get their U.S. nest eggs overseas, and out of harm’s way, before a Banking Holiday, and /or Capital Controls are imposed. Some of the finest financial writers and forecasters have made this book possible. At the end of each chapter, the Millers comment about how they personally handled each topic.

“John, overall your book seems to have a lot of valuable and helpful information.  You bring up facts that are often not discussed in the mainstream”
Deborah P, Maui, Hawaii

“There are so many of these type books now on the market today, such as Currency Wars, and I’ve read most of them; this one ranks right up there!”
Bill Templeton, Auckland, NZ

“Great guide book for the Middle Class about to lose their retirement savings; it tells exactly what is about to occur and what they can do about it”
Becki Williams, Orlando, Florida

“I want to “Thank” both of you for the hard work and timeliness in writing this volume and putting it  in the hands of your Investment Club Members . I did read it two long sittings to grasp its contents and depth,  but even so it took me nearly two full days to absorb it and plan to do so again as soon as possible.   There is immense amount of  information in all its pages that I want to delve into more thoroughly. With great appreciation!”